VW Beetles and Campervans to Hire!

In addition to our own vehicles, 'Billy' and 'Molly', we also have available to hire 'Betty Boo', a triple white/blue stripe Karmann Beetle Cabriolet, 'Charley', a cream/white Bay Window Camper, 'Gino', a coral red Split Screen Camper, 'Elodie', a triple white beetle cabriolet and 'OBO' a savannah beige beetle . Click on a wedding hire vehicle below to view images of each vehicle. For more images, see our gallery.

'Betty Boo' is a 1972 triple white classic Karmann VW Beetle Convertible imported from California before Melvyn our chauffeur bought her. Betty Boo is quirky bug & has a blue stripe on her rear giving her cool identity. Her interior is white original as well as her roof. She is new onboard V-DUB Rides & looks amazing matched up with Billy.

'Charley' is a 1969 VW Camper deluxe Bay window.  Charley was restored three of years ago & had a new neutral coat of paint to be more versatile for weddings. He is very popular & chilled & the bridal party love his disco ball. Your chauffeur Dan is very reliable, friendly and knows everything there is too know about VW's which is always good to know :-).

'Gino' is a 1967 Coral Red VW camper split screen with pearl black roof and bumper. He can seat 6 plus your chauffeur Richie and is fully fitted with seat belts, drinks cooler and full bluetooth sound system ready to enjoy. Gino is a hugh part of their Italian family and has been with them for 25 years.

'Rocky Blu' is a 1968 VW Beach Buggy air cooled turbo charged monster in Metal flake blue. With his big wide 17" wheels he has 2.10" subs in the back for your favourite tuuuuunes. Rocky Blu also has a hood and a heater for cooler days :-) His owner Kirk who was actually one of our grooms built this buggy from scratch recently over 18 months & is hot to go for a cool groom to arrive in V-DUB style.

'Elodie' is a Beautiful 77 Triple White cabriolet, imported from sunny California fully restored and in show condition owned by lovely Simonne & Neil, who also run the Bundle o Dubz show in Essex. Do come along to the show between 7-9th July this year www.vwbod.co.uk - all proceeds from the show go the the Helen Rollason Cancer charity.

'OBO' is a stunning classic 1968 Savannah Beige classic VW beetle with Black interior & cream piping lovingly restored by her owner Simon who has had her 36 years.