Polly & Neil – Saturday 15th February 2014

Following on from yesterdays Valentine Wedding was another the next day. However, our bride today Polly was extremely lucky with the weather. On arrival the SUN – yes that big Yellow thing in the sky, appeared from nowhere!! I instantly got that roof down as Polly in her short stunning dress was about the walk out of her house with her father.

After a few snaps of their moment, I popped Billy’s roof up for the drive to the Life Church off Moulsham Street & she gracefully walked in to meet her hubby to be. During the service a black cloud appeared followed by rain, lots of it 🙁 Assuming that was it for the day….Polly then walked out and again the SUN shows it’s face once again!!!

Roof down  & sage Green ribbons & bows today,  the happy bride & groom were chauffered by myself to the pub next door to O’Conners for a swift half a guinesss – very apt with Neil being Irish, we pootled off down Moulsham street & off to Hylands Park for a few piccies. The air was cold but the sky looked amazing & the snapper was taking some wicked pictures.

We then headed off to the Highwood Village Hall, Writtle, Chelmsford for their Reception – all smiles once again xx

Kerri & Stewart – 14th February 2014

Well… Lovers out there it’s Valentines Day & our first wedding of 2014!!!!! Despite the torrential stormy weather Billy Bug & I had a wedding to do!

Arriving at the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester High Street wasn’t the easiest place to wait, however we managed to snuggle down a narrow road opposite & wait patiently  ‘all baby pink bowed up” for our beautiful bride Kerrie. We were hiding from Stewart the groom as it was a BIG ‘surprise’. Being a big VW Beetle fan Kerri wanted to incorporate Billy into her day – even though the Town Hall where they were saying there vows was almost opposite:-)

After the ceremony, we had a lovely drive through Colchester High Street & me sounding my mad horn, trying to embarress them clearly didn’t work as they LOVED it. I’ve never seen a couple sooooo happy in the bug whilst raining outside before. The roof was up by obviously.. I even managed to (without realising) play there wedding ceremony/first dance song on my CD player, call me pychic, I dunno… Anyway alls well that ends well, they left with happy faces 🙂 Stewart even saying “I don’t want to get out” – which makes me very happy. So even with steamy windows & pants weather both Kerri & Stew, Billy & I were smiling & laughing, which is what it’s all about !! Pics to follow