• White VW Beetle Wedding hire
  • VW Beetle Wedding hire
  • VW Beetle Wedding hire
  • VW Beetle and VW Camper Wedding hire
  • VW Beetle and VW Camper Wedding hire

Hire a Classic VW Beetle or VW Camper Van for your Wedding Car Hire in Chelmsford, Essex!

Let us take you on a cool cruise to your ceremony & reception on board ‘Billy’, our 1971 'Triple' White VW Beetle Karmann Cabriolet. We’ll drive you to your wedding and make your arrival a memorable one with the good vibrations of a Volkswagen Bug to ease you on your way. We offer:

  • VIP Chauffeur driven service
  • Iced Cool Bubbly/Drinks await you after your service
  • Beautifully decorated with Ribbons & Bows in your colour choice
  • Enjoy music of your choice with your loved one, on your memorable drive
  • Camper Van hire and second beetle available*
Call us on 07796 543198

How to Book your VW Wedding Car Hire...

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Send us an email with your enquiry using one of the forms below or call 07796 543198 for a chat about your wedding plans and how we can make the best day in your life truly special with a classic VW wedding car. Prices vary from £200 to £500 within London.

We are also available for film, TV and promotional work - just get in touch for details.

Our VW Beetles and Campervans

In addition to well as 'Billy', we also have available to hire 'Betty Boo', a triple white/blue stripe Karmann Beetle Cabriolet, 'Molly', a white Split Screen Camper, 'Charley', a cream/white Bay Window Camper and 'Gino', a coral red Split Screen Camper. Click on a wedding hire vehicle below to view images of each vehicle. For more images, see our gallery.

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Please use this form if you would like to make a booking (or email us at hayley@vdubrides.co.uk). Please note that this is provisional - you will receive confirmation of your booking upon receipt of your signed agreement (see sample here) and a £100 deposit.

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